Corporate Health

Gavin Watterson offers the following Corporate Health & Wellness programs::

Office Stress Busting

  • Hourly rate $200
  • ½ Day (4 x hours) $600
  • Day rate (8 x hours) $1000

  • Office Stress Busting is a mobile service aimed at improving the health & Wellness of members of staff.

    We spend approximately 15-20 minutes with each member of staff who wishes to be included in this scheme.
    We cover staff with fresh towels to keep invasion to a minimum before proceeding with their chosen stress busting therapy. Often we give advice on workout regimes, injuries, nutritional advice or even simple lifestyle tips to enhance wellness.

    We are extremely adaptable & will accommodate to the specific needs of staff in any way we can.

    Enhance productivity & improve business by investing in the health & wellness of your staff.

    Imagine what reduced illness, less sick days, improved nutritional understanding, postural correction, improved office ergonomics, reduction in chronic aches, pains & niggles would mean to your business?

    The benefits of “Stress Busting” also include reducing accrued sick days, improved employee wellness and boosting office moral!

    A wide range of services to choose from:

    • Stress Reduction techniques
    • Massage techniques
    • Deep tissue & Trigger point therapy
    • Injury Rehabilitation
    • Postural Correction (Office Ergonomics)
    • Pain relief therapy
    • Hypnotherapy
    • TMJ therapy
    • Fitness Tips & Workout Advice
    • Nutritional advice for specific body-types
    • Health, Wellness & Lifestyle tips

    Read comments from workers who have already enjoyed having their Stress Busted on the Flash version of our site.