Metabolic Typing

Metabolic Typing & Nutritional Analysis: Do you know your body is like a snowflake... completely unique?

Your body’s daily demand for optimal nutrition is also unique-only to you! Metabolic Typing profiling assesses & assures you are getting the adequate nutritional ratio balance for your body. Metabolic Typing plans are fine-tuned to your daily routine to ensure optimum energy levels at all times.

Metabolic Typing is affectionately called "The no diet, diet" you can lose weight just by restoring your body to its correct homeostasis or balance.

Metabolic Typing is a way of specifically profiling people according to what they should eat.

Think about combining specific nutritional requirements complimented with an effective personally tailored training regime? Add in essential lifestyle tips and factors for a formidable combination that is truly awesome in delivering guaranteed results time after time. It is only by looking at the whole picture that we make little changes that really make the difference. I thoroughly endorse Metabolic Typing as a way of eating for every individual, no matter what race, gender or age you are as this information is all are taken into account.

Metabolic Typing dictates exactly what food ratios you need to be eating for your particular body-type? If you can imagine once you know what your body does best on i.e. food requirements? It’s just like fine tuning a racing car. You want it to "purr" like a cat, not shudder around like an old banger!... right?

Optimum food requirements make that difference... period. Typically eating the right kind of foods in the correct ratios for "You". I guarantee you will be pleasantly surprised at how your body responds. This is not a one fits all nutritional approach that is why it is so effective for all people. The basic questionnaire will give you the approximate food ratios to eat. If you do want the best plan you have to do the online assessment? The on-line test is a lot more specific taking numerous biological, dietary, physiological & psychological questions into account. It is a much more comprehensive & finely tuned plan you receive to begin with.

Would you like to know more about attending food classes using high enzyme raw foods? Contact Raw food cuisine on the links page. I thoroughly advocate organic eating and do highly recommend trying the beautiful & nutritious food prepared by and eaten with Paul & Cheri.

An Individual approach to eating

Only available through a Certified Healthexcel Metabolic Typing Advisor.
Personal or phone consultation sessions, guidance by a Certified Metabolic Typing Advisor. Comprised of an internet-based, computer-analyzed questionnaire that reveals the status of 4 Fundamental Homeostatic Control Systems and Dominant System:

  • Autonomic Type (Sympathetic, Balanced, Parasympathetic)
  • Oxidative Type (Fast Oxidation, Mixed Oxidation, Slow Oxidation)
  • Endocrine Type (Pituitary, Adrenal, Thyroid, Gonadal)
  • Blood Type in relation to food allergies and lectins (A1, A2, AB, B, O)
  • Dominant System (Autonomic or Oxidative)
The Advanced Program provides:
  • Extensive and highly specific metabolic type diet recommendations
  • 300 item food list as per the metabolic type
  • Explanations of food groups relative to the metabolic type
  • Specific dietary do's and don'ts for the metabolic type
  • Metabolic type menu plans and recipes
  • Extensive explanation of how to work with the MT diet, including How To Eat Using The Food List and Fine-Tuning Macronutrient ratios
  • Guidelines and Recommendations for:
    • Shopping For Food
    • Proper Food Selection
    • Proper Food Preparation
    • Cooking Guidelines
    • Cooking Grains
    • Cooking With Fats and Oils
  • Critical information and education regarding customizing macronutrient ratios to each meal and snack, using proprietary:
    • Diet Check Records
    • Diet Symptom Journal
  • Specific metabolic type supplement recommendations
  • Evaluation of critically significant Blocking Factors for removal
  • Evaluation of Toxic Load lifestyle factors for removal
  • Evaluation of teeth and meridian connection to organs
  • Recommendations of specific methods to optimize program results

Extensive supportive educational and practical information for achieving desired results, such as:

  • Heavy Metals - review of all known sources and adverse symptoms
  • Understanding the Importance of Digestion
  • Candida albicans self-assessment
  • Dealing with Expected Reactions
  • Self-administered Pulse Test for food reactions
  • How To Succeed With A Metabolic Typing Program
  • FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions
  • Recommended Healthy Product Resources

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