Ripped in 28 Days

The price of this incredible FAT LOSS program includes use of our private studio (excluding Bootcamps) for the duration of the 28 day program…

  • We meet as a group for 4 consecutive weeks to go the different workouts for the week ahead.
  • During these workshops we go through the specific nutritional component, trouble-shooting including Q & A during the presentation/workshop.
  • There is a pre-requisite for this course that all participants must be competent at basic free-weight training That is to say can perform: Squat, Dead-lift, Lunge, Upper body pushing & pulling (horizontal & vertical plain) movements - Also included in the workouts are Torso rotary & cable exercises.
  • Potential participants should not be carrying any injuries whatsoever or have problems moving (i.e. postural, muscle, ligament, tendon, nerve or joint restrictions) in any way.
  • The coach helps guide students over the entire program.

R28 program outline:

  • A specific fat burning diet.
  • Key Lifestyle & supplementation tips.
  • 2 x 10 minute workouts per day (Resistance & Lactate).
  • No Cardio-Vascular exercise!
  • No Abdominal training!
  • No Isolation exercises!
  • Participants will receive a copy of the “Ripped in 28 day” manual.
  • This book contains many secrets on how to burn fat constantly 24 hours a day!

In this program you will learn how to manipulate your body to enhance & accelerate your own FAT BURNING potential. Learn how to increase your metabolic rate & whilst preventing muscular atrophy from occurring. Find out how eating the right kind of FATS & OILs can actually promote fat burning. With the right combination of diet & training you WILL manipulate natural growth hormone levels to create the “Perfect Storm” within cells to literally MELT FAT AWAY. This program literally blows other FAT LOSS programs away…with proven results time after time!

As a special bonus : The winner of each group course conducted at UFPS who drops the most body-fat % over the 28 day course receives a full refund… So what have you got to lose, except excess body-fat!!



I heard a lot about the R28 but was sceptical because it sounded like a magic bullet program but the past results from previous participants was proof enough for me to sign up and give it a shot. Since my current workout routine was pretty much stagnant I didn’t have much to lose.

I was blown away literally by how I felt after just 2 days. With just two 10 to 15 mins workouts a day I could see results especially with the detailed diet program. The R28 manual was also a great resource to learn about how certain foods and exercises affected my body type as well as a great many other tips to being healthy. At the end of the first week I saw results and was encouraged each and every day when I improved on my recovery period during lactate training sessions. In addition the morning workouts are different making them interesting and fun! At the end of the program I was dead lifting 60kg which is close to my body weight!!!

The program does require a fair amount of discipline especially with the diet but it was totally worth it. My friends and family commented that I looked better and more than just that I felt great. I had a 2.5% reduction in body fat plus a 2.1kg gain in muscle mass, which was the ideal scenario of what I wanted to achieve. Best part is that the knowledge I have gained from R28 I can continue to build upon and get stronger and fitter!! R28 sets you on the right path to success!!Marcel

The R28 program is ideal for someone who can dedicate 20 minutes a day & yields phenomenal results! Starting weight was 100.5 kg, finishing weight was 93.8kg. Total Loss was 6.7kg which equated to a 6.67% reduction in body-fat levels! I lost 14 pounds of body-fat in 28 days, whilst still maintaining my muscle mass. A simple eating plan along with two fairly intense 10 minute workouts daily is all that was required. No calorie counting or long boring cardio sessions required. I would highly recommend it to busy individuals or anyone wanting to jump start fat loss, or needing to lose those last extra few pounds.James

“Ripped in 28 days” is a fantastic programme for anyone who is committed to not just losing weight but more importantly LOSING BODY-FAT! I thought I understood diet and nutrition and how it works with exercise but this turned everything on its head. In fact, I was worried that I wasn't working out enough! Apparently 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes in the evening is enough. I'm recommending this program to anyone who is serious about fat loss.Kian

"I've always considered myself a fit and healthy person, but Ultimate Fitness Performance Studio has taken me to another level. Through the “Ripped in 28 Day” program I learned the importance of nutrition in a balanced workout.  I not only lost fat, but I also put on muscle mass.  I look good and most importantly, I feel fantastic. The program is proven, so challenge yourself and transform into a leaner healthier you"Julian Low - Beam Artiste

4 weeks, a specially designed diet, 10 minutes resistance exercise in the morning, 10 minutes lactic training in the evening...equals...17lbs weight LOSS and ALOT fitter! Thank you.Hedley

Personally I didn't need the stats to find out how I've done! Looks are one thing but I feel so much better! Ever since I've started the program, I've been sleeping better and to be honest, by the last week I was feeling much more alert. This program of yours has not only helped me get fit but very much helped me psychologically as well. The 2 x 10min workouts every day, as tough as they were to go through, were indeed a stress relief from regular work. I must say I'm really glad I found out about you, Ultimate Fitness Performance Studio and your “Ripped in 28 day” program. Sanjay

Price is $600 SGD