Keagan Kang

I would like to thank Gavin Watterson for helping me to get into the right shape with his incredible diet. I followed it through to the letter! I have done many diets in the past but needed to achieve a different look this time. My Body Fat percentage dropped from 15% to 10 % in 2 ½ weeks! I trained hard 2 to 3 hours a day and kept everything super-strict.

As trainers we know the basics, we are not nutritionist, we can only advise. But Gavin is the real deal if you want to get results with your diet. Thank you Gavin you are the BOMB!Laila White

Rebecca SpykermanTaking part in Gavin’s “R28” program was an awesome experience. I love training and keeping fit, but this specific diet and exercise program took it to the next level. The book explained how to revamp my diet to facilitate FAT BURNING from a natural standpoint. It was easy to follow with an understandable scientific approach.

The change in the dietary component was the hardest challenge for me, as I’ve never undertaken such a disciplined diet. Combined with a 10min weights session & 10 min interval session per day, I could feel my body getting more efficient as the days progressed. My energy levels were great; my fat level literally dropped by the day as my body ripped up in just 4 weeks! I then continued the program for an extra 2 weeks to complete the bonus “S42” program. This meant an increase in carbohydrate intake, workout volume & training intensity! The additional 2 weeks really took it to the next level. Dedicating as little as 28 (or 42) days to this FAT LOSS program you are going to get exactly what you put in.

I highly recommend this program to anyone looking to LOSE FAT & get lean fast! Get ready for a change in mindset, lifestyle, confidence and motivation.

Keagan Kang

I first started training with Gavin Watterson participating in his accelerated fat loss program “Ripped in 28 Day” around July 2013. I have to say it was one of the most detailed and comprehensive training programs that I have ever partaken in with incredible results. I lost 3% body-fat during this short period and my physical transformation was evident. Gavin is the most professional of trainer’s who really understands his craft and has detailed knowledge of the human body.

Being an actor and in the entertainment industry for 18 years, Gavin is the first person who provided me with a real insight in the A-Z of what effective training is all about. His details are exquisite, precise and easy to follow. I am very happy and proud to know Gavin and have referred him to many of my other friends and colleagues in the entertainment industry in Singapore. I have worked on many films, TV serials as well as theatrical productions and sometimes these roles do require physical transformations.

Working with Gavin you are assured of getting results, but in an achievable and realistic space of time. I will recommend Gavin to anyone who is serious about getting their body in shape or wanting to lead a healthier lifestyle. He is the complete package when it comes to what a trainer should be - Understanding anatomy, movement, nutrition, therapy and the science behind the human body. The physical change in my conditioning and bodily composition speaks volumes to this proof. Keagan Kang

Rebecca SpykermanIt was a breath of fresh air working with Gavin as he taught me many new things with his extremely advanced knowledge of the whole body. I also learnt a whole new way of looking at nutrition with him guiding me week by week on the Metabolic Typing Diet and had extremely beneficial results with my relationship with food.

Gavin is as dedicated to his craft as he is passionate and it is an inspiration to be able to work with someone who goes the extra mile for health and fitness.Rebecca Spykerman

Cheryl Miles Gavin is a fabulous motivator and knew how to encourage me to push my limits so that I could achieve my fitness goals! Plus he gives the most awesome sports massages which is a treat after a tough session.

Workouts with him were always fun and informative and I learnt new ways in which to maximize my time so I can get the most out of my workouts without spending hours in the gym!Cheryl Miles

ZachI worked with Gavin for about a year. He is an awesome trainer with superb knowledge about all the different workouts and how it affects the different muscles. As a professional golfer, it is of vital importance for me to work out the right muscle groups and after training with Gavin, I have full confidence in him to train my golf specific muscles.

In my opinion, he is also an expert in nutrition as well as physiotherapy. The most important element is that under him, I managed to improve my golf game which is evident in having 3 wins and qualifying for my 2nd British Open while under him.

PGA Golf Professional

Lam Chih Bing

ZachEver since I was a kid, I've always had a huge problem with my weight. Even as a professional fighter, in between fights during my rest I end up eating and eating like a bottomless pit!! Cutting weight for fights always became a problem, losing anywhere from 12 - 8kgs for a fight leaving me weak, tired and not performing my best when I'm in the ring.

I remember reading once about Gavin giving advice to a friend of his and who lost a lot of weight without lifting a single weight or working out. Showing you that nutrition and diet play a huge part in weight loss, daily energy and performing at your ultimate fitness levels when you are a professional athlete.

In the one hour I spent with Gavin learning about metabolic typing, I learnt so much more about my body, food types and what I should/shouldn't be fueling my body with. The knowledge he shared with me in that hour was by far more informative than the number of hours I've spent on the internet or reading books trying to find out how to control and manage my diet and energy levels! Upon starting with my diet and cutting out all the foods that Gavin had told me to avoid during his metabolic typing assessment. I easily dropped 3kgs. Four weeks later standing on the scales at the weigh in at the press conference I had cut 10kgs and made my 72kg weight limit easily, and felt like I could easily cut another 1 or 2kgs, without any hassle. I won my fight that night and didn't feel as fatigued or as lethargic as I usually do from cutting ridiculous amounts of weight.

Thank you very much Gavin, I look forward to learning more of the benefits one can get from metabolic typing. Zach

YuyanI would like to thank Gavin for his introduction and guidance for his R28 program. I never knew my body will respond well to this type of program. I have been overtraining so much the past year with no significant results. The R28 really gives me the initial results and foundation that I would like to have for maintenance and for my conditioning process. Besides, the diet is what I like to enjoy because I know what you put inside your body is reflected on the outside!! Being an amateur figure athlete, I understand the training and the diet principles, and probably that makes the transition to the requirements of this program a lot easier.

So at the end of day 28, I have lost a total of 3.3kg of body-fat, a total loss of 17mm from fat skin-fold measurements. I have lost 12.5cm lost in measurements around my entire body, the most significant loss around the waist and triceps! Wow, not bad for this first attempt. Being a female, this program becomes challenging during the days where I have my menstrual cycle. But I did not let that deter me to a great extent. Continue to drink lots of water and also give full effort in the workouts. It is only normal and healthy for females to have their menstrual cycle. One thing I do know is that the next time when I do the R28 program again, it will be so much better and more focused especially with the lactate training, and definitely will incorporate week 5 and week 6 for sure!!

I will definitely encourage everyone to try the R28 program with 100% commitment, no less always more! You will be guaranteed not only results but also changes your way towards healthy living. Health is wealth. Make your choice today. Yuyan

SophieDuring his time at Bisham Abbey, I trained regularly with Gavin for a number of months and found I made significant progress. I found the sessions challenging as well as interesting. The exercises were always relevant to my specific needs and Gavin is good at adjusting and developing exercises to maintain progression. Gavin is a great motivator and always looking for improvement. I felt like I've really achieved something after every session.

Judo - Under 57kg
British Champion
2006 European Silver Medallist
2 x Olympian) Athens 2004 & London 2012 Games
Sophie Cox

MattAs an international rower and coach at Leander Rowing Club. It is extremely important for me to maintain strong and healthy back and Core muscles. Gavin helped me greatly in the strength and conditioning of this area, which contributed to my overall performance.

Between1995 and 2008 won GB international medals at U23 World Championships
World Cups and Senior World Championships

Matt Beechey

I had the pleasure of having some personal training sessions with Gavin while he was in Bangkok. I was very impressed with his experience and knowledge, and he had a great approach in tailoring exercises to suit my needs and help me progress effectively in terms of my fitness and health goals. Whether you are a professional athlete, an office worker, or going through a rehab process, I highly recommend hiring Gavin as your personal trainer. Gerrit Pelzer, Leadership Advisor & Executive Coach, Bangkok

Gavin is frankly, the most experienced and knowledgeable of all and I recommend without reservation. Allen Geneticist/Scientist

When I first met with Gavin we discussed my training goals. My main objective was to be able to play 80 minutes of competitive rugby. At aged 44 and not having played for 15 years this was going to be a challenge. First step was to lose 10KGs. With nutritional guidance and training program this was achieved in less than 2 months.

Second step was to work to a specific training program that would first increase explosive speed and power at the same time increasing endurance. After 6 weeks we included strength and conditioning to the mix.

The end result was 14KGs total weight loss and 80 minutes of rugby. I have never felt as fit in my life. The most surprising outcome was more medical than anything. Having suffered with high blood pressure and cholesterol for many years and having to take medication to manage it, I can now brag about the fact that my blood pressure is normal, so is my cholesterol.

Thanks to Gavin I am a new man, and my wife is very happy about that! Most highly recommended!! Hedley

Gavin ran a short term "live-in" program with me in Thailand Feb 2016.

My main goals were to help kick start my weight loss regime and to help motivate me to start working out daily. Those expectations were easily over exceeded!

Through a combination of a low carb “fat-burning diet” plus 2 daily exercise sessions morning and evening, I lost 4kgs and dramatically decreased my body fat in just 2 weeks!

Gavin’s knowledge of exercise & nutrition, in particular the way the body burns stored energy verses the immediate energy released by foods, meant I was able to get results fast. His encouragement and enthusiasm turned tough training sessions in to enjoyable workouts.

I would highly recommend working with Gavin, if u need expert guidance with any aspect of fitness or nutrition and are truly serious about getting results. Matt

I had a chronic bad back problem for several years. I had been to physios, an osteopath and a chiropractor, I had also tried yoga, pilates, acupuncture and I got nowhere. I ended up getting by with a panadol and neurophen. I met Gavin by chance through a friend and he assured me that he would fix me in 10 sessions. Of course I didn’t believe him, but sure enough 10 sessions later I was on the mend, and within 3 months my back problem was totally cured.

Gavin was able to notice imbalances that others had missed and rather than trying to cure the symptoms, he identified the cause of the problem and put me on a rehab program that completely cured my bad back. After the problem went away I continued to see Gavin as a personal trainer. I have always been someone who regularly exercises 3-4 days a week and I thought I knew what I was doing, but I was wrong. Gavin transformed the way I train, I am now stronger and fitter and spend only half the time in the gym.

I owe a lot to Gavin’s teachings and feel great as a result. I would strongly recommend him to anyone interested in improving their way of life. Thanks Gav! Barnaby

I joined the “Ripped in 28 days” program with Gavin with weight loss as my main goal. To my amazement I achieved 8kgs weight loss, 6% reduction in body fat and I am much stronger and fitter too. For me the short, sharp but highly intensive morning and evening workouts were the key as you only need to find 20-30 minutes a day instead of hours of training to achieve noticeable results. I found the diet easy and never really felt hungry, especially breakfast with plenty of eggs, any way you like!Adrian

I underwent a shoulder surgery (to fix Bankart Lesion) in 2011. Though I regained my mobility after the surgery, I lacked shoulder strength & joint stability. Finally in Jan 2013 I decided to do something about it. I chanced upon Gavin's gym and I must say I am glad I found him! In the 6 sessions that I took with him, he progressively worked on my shoulder after a good analysis of my present state then. In addition to the well planned rehab during each session, the simple, easy to do at home 'homework' he set out for me paid off nicely. Since the second session itself, I started feeling better with respect to strength and I evidently the program help address some postural issues too. Which I learnt is very important for correct muscle/balance of the entire body.

His knowledge, especially about human anatomy was impressive. He values quality much more than quantity (numbers and hours) which I felt is very right until you really know what you are doing. He insists on doing everything perfectly. His encouragement during the sessions and follow up’s made me aware I was doing a lot of good for my body. Overall, he is a bundle of right & thorough knowledge (human body, exercises of course and diet), years of experience & motivation. During our sessions he kindly gave me guidance on a good diet plan for a vegetarian like me. Gavin is (considered) expensive compared to what others charge & offer - but is worth the money. In fact you get more....for life (i.e. right knowledge & guidance). I will continue to follow his recommendations as I know I will be doing a lot of good for my shoulder and overall body.Amol

In the 8 weeks I saw Gavin I gained 4kgs of muscle and lost 2kgs of body-fat. Prior to this I had never trained at a gym or considered what I ate. Gavin showed me how to train correctly and provided a specific diet plan based on my requirements. It is now 6 weeks after my training with Gavin and I’m still going to the gym and I love having more strength and energy. I recommend that you pick up the phone and talk to Gavin - this is the first step in changing your life for the better. Thanks Gavin Adam

I lost over 11kg after only 8 weeks. I now have an clear understanding about how food effects my body and importantly how to train more effectively.

Gavin has an incredible understanding of the human body like no other trainer I have ever come across. He is truly dedicated to COMPLETE health through customized diet, program design and attitude....I had been trying to lose weight for many years and it got even harder to shed my excess weight after having two children. I was going to the gym 5-6 days a week for almost 6 months but got to a point where I was not able to lose any more weight. Working as a nurse several years ago I herniated my back and was scared of re-injuring it in the gym by doing certain exercises. Before taking me on Gavin spent over an hour assessing my flexibility, strengths and weakness and developed a personal program just for me. Before I knew it I was performing 'dead lifts' and 'bent over rows' which I thought were impossible with an injured back.

Thank you for everything Gavin. Isa

In February 2014 I developed a chronic condition in my right shoulder which proved to be painful every time I trained in the gym. I met with Gavin and had this assessed, I was impressed with his knowledge and ability to diagnose the problem after only 15mins. After that we agreed on a rehabilitation program over 6 weeks to work on release, stretching & activation techniques. The difference was noticeable with increased movement and strength developing and me being able to train my shoulders again without pain. Gavin was also incredibly helpful with making me aware of my posture and how this can lead to problems in the future. As a result I bought a new ergonomic chair for work and have daily stretches to avoid injury. I found the experience with Gavin to be extremely positive and would recommend him to anyone that wants to achieve a fitness goal or recover from a physical injury.Charles

I found your talk on Fitness held at H.E.L.P. Library in Mumbai on 14th June 2014 very informative and useful. Thank you for clarifying the doubts and for offering simple tips to live a healthier life.Hafiza Golandaz, Ph.D

Gavin Watterson is the best trainer I have ever known in Singapore. He customizes training programs to suit my needs and each session with him is always different. He doesn't compromise on form and constantly motivates and inspires me with his knowledge and wisdom. He is an all rounder in every aspect- awesome personal trainer, coach, Metabolic Typing Advisor and passionate in helping his clients achieve the desired results. He brings FUN into the sessions and I always feel very satisfied and great after each session.

I also participated in the inaugural Ripped in 28 days program and continued on to do the shredded in 42 days. Every single one of us in the group lost weight and body fat during the short 28 days without starving ourselves. The results were proven and phenomenal, I lost 6.5 kg at the end of the program and I was actually eating more.

I would strongly encourage everyone who wants to get fit and healthy or their lives back into shape to make an appointment with Gavin at Ultimate Fitness today. I promise that you will get more value than what you paid for. Money can't buy you Health so start making the right investment choice for yourself today. Thank you Gavin for transforming my life!

I had been struggling with an increasingly stiff and painful shoulder for just short of two years when I finally decided that something needed to be done. After visiting my local GP and getting a referral for physio and possible surgery I was again hesitant as I was very keen on avoiding surgery. By good luck I was put in contact with Gavin through an acquaintance and was very pleased when he said he believed that he could help me.

From the first meeting Gavin was very professional and put me at ease by making a thorough assessment of my shoulder mobility and then explaining how I needed to work on both strengthening my shoulder and correcting my posture in order to see an improvement. He was very clear and detailed in his explanations and reasons for each exercise we did and gave me the knowledge and confidence to continue the exercises at home on my own. In only 5 sessions I went from being unable to even sleep on my left side or lift my left arm above shoulder level to being pain free and having almost full movement in my shoulder. Furthermore, by continuing with the exercises since we finished our sessions I am now in a position whereby I consider my shoulder fully mobile.

I cannot say how happy I am to have had such a quick and simple (surgery free!) resolution to a very painful problem that I had been avoiding dealing with for so long - Thank you Gavin!Max

I went to see Gavin twice in the course of training for my first marathon. The first time with chronic inflammation of my Achilles tendons and the second time with a nerve impingement issue in my right leg. On both occasions I have been delighted with the results. Straight away he knew what the issue with my Achilles was, most importantly how to effectively treat it. He also identified the underlying posture imbalances that may have caused the injury and put together a straight forward, easy to follow series of corrective exercises to tackle the underlying problem. Gavin gave excellent advice and as a result this long term injury is now completely under control.

The second time I went to see Gavin was just a week before I was due to run my first marathon. I had an unidentified pain shooting down the entire length of one leg which had been present for 2 weeks and showed no signs of abating. It looked like months of training for my first marathon would be wasted. However, Gavin knew exactly what the most likely cause for this pain was. Amazingly within one treatment the pain had gone-completely! Again he gave advice & straight forward corrective exercises for the following week. The injury has stayed away, enabling me to compete in the race. Gavin has an encyclopaedic knowledge of human anatomy and uses this knowledge to identify & treat problems quickly & very effectively- seemingly with a miraculous touch. Adam

I would like to thank you for your invaluable assistance... The results so far are truly amazing!!! Not only am I losing weight (while eating more than ever before!) The most important thing is that I feel very strong and healthy. My body has become more solid, I have no idea if I continue like this what the end results will be! I am very glad to have met you as you have managed to improve my health and physical condition so fast. I appreciate all your advice and tips which have made a huge difference from eating correctly to training more seriously. Your program is so effective, I can clearly see the improvement in power, strength & reduced body-fat levels in just one only month. Alex

After returning from an overseas trip in early 2008 I must have picked up a stomach bug or something else as I had persistent loose bowels. I didn’t think it was that serious at first, but I went to see the GP after one week. After completing the course of medication, I still had the same problem, so I went back to the GP for stronger medication. When this again didn't work, I started to worry! So I went to the hospital to have myself checked out. After a couple of visits to the specialist clinic, they eventually put me through a series of blood tests, scans and an invasive internal scope (all of which found nothing wrong). The doctors told me I had irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and there really wasn’t much they could do for me. This was after 8 long months of hospital visits, inconvenience and hospital bills they told me this!! Miraculously after doing the detox program, my bowel movement went back to normal for the first time in 8 months, my energy levels improved, skin condition got better and I felt a whole lot healthier in just 5 days. Frank

I have just completed 5 days on Gavin’s "Reboot your bod" detox program and I can honestly say that I haven't felt this good in a long time. I've lost 6llbs in 5 days along with 1" off my waist. Weight loss wasn’t the only benefit though, I’m bouncing out of bed at 6am, my skin is glowing and I feel so much more focused and happy. I have never tried fasting before and I was surprised how much easier this was than I anticipated. Having heard friend’s stories of other fasts I was rather nervous but Gavin’s detox really supplies all you need to cleanse inside out. I would recommend to anyone wanting to kick start a weight loss program or to those who are looking for more energy and focus in their lives. Lucy

I followed the detox program for 5 days and was very impressed with the results. I lost just under 5kg! (11lb) and noticed a great improvement in my overall well-being. My skin was much better and there was a definite improvement in energy levels by the end of the 5 days. Sticking to the routine was tough and although this may not be for the faint-hearted I would definitely recommend this to anyone wishing to kick-start their fitness regime. John

In hindsight doing the detox without the inclusion of caffeine enemas is quite hard, but something I would love to do on a regular basis. I saw the amazing before and after results through blood tests and could not believe my eyes when I saw the difference. I am so happy to finally know when my body is not happy it is because of the foods I am eating. Rather than me thinking I just did not feel well in general.Weight: Before 68kg - After 63kg (weight loss of 11lbs in 7 days!) Elaine

I have always been interested in detox and fasting methods, so when Gavin suggested I should try the Reboot your Bod Detox programme I jumped on the opportunity. As I had had some previous experience with fasting, I chose to go for the slightly longer 7-day programme as opposed to the 5-day version. I found a good shop to stock up the various ingredients that would be needed for the next 7 days and the financial outlay gave me an extra incentive to finish the programme. On the first day, I was eager to start and I mixed 2 litres each of the two detox drinks – one alkaline and the other slightly acidic – and these drinks I carried with me to the office every day for the duration of the programme. The idea is to drink these at regular intervals over the course of the day, in addition to any normal water intake. I did not find it a problem to consume this amount of liquid as it also helped to stop any hunger setting in. I followed all the daily rituals & recommendations as set out in the book. It was only on the second day that I experienced cravings for food, which I countered by increasing my fluid intake and having an extra glass of Psyllium husks. When I woke up on the third day, my hunger was gone and it did not return until a couple of hours before I broke the fast (surely psychological!). I continued training with Gavin throughout the programme, but only light/moderate sessions as my stamina was somewhat reduced.

At the end of the 7-day programme, I had lost 3.7kg (8.14lbs), had a lot more energy & felt much healthier than before the programme. My energy levels returned and I noticed my ability to not only maintain Core activation but also my Core strength had significantly improved in just one week. The programme is easy to follow thanks for Gavin’s excellent annotated notes and clear instructions. All the ingredients can be sourced locally and are all organic. Overall, I wholeheartedly recommend anyone to try the “Reboot your bod” programme and I myself will do it every 6 months to re-boot my system! Tristan

I was never a fan of any detox programs and the thought of going for days without any solid food was an insane idea for me. Until the day Gavin professionally recommended me to try up his "Reboot Your Bod Detox Program", with much scepticism, I went ahead anyway. I must say this is one of the most exciting journeys, the realization of "Mind over matter" became crystal clear from day 3; gladly, I extended the detox program to last 7 days!!The end results of this program were phenomenal, I felt more energized, my skin cleared up(I have acne prone skin) and the sense of well being that I read about mostly in books, was now a real experience. I thank Gavin for creating such a powerful program. I strongly recommend this program to anyone! B

I started out with the intention of making the weight category for my fight, but, I got way more than what I asked for. I’m quite sure that Gavin is very pleased and proud with what I have achieved in 30 days - Lost 10.2KG! or 22lbs in just 30 days and 15.5cm (Waist: 7.5cm, Hips: 8cm). Frank

The diet you gave Jason is amazing! He's lost 11lbs in 3 weeks and I've been doing it and have lost 6llbs, don't feel deprived of food and not hungry. You've worked your magic yet again. Abby

"I am always very proud of what clients achieve. Time after time the formula for success is a combination of the right advice, along with an intelligent approach to training & the right dietary recommendations. This proven formula ultimately makes the difference whether you reach your chosen goals or not. I am merely the facilitator of these changes by creating & motivating clients with effective programs to achieve results beyond their wildest expectations." Gavin

I feel like the Detox went really well. I didn’t get to weigh myself on the last day but I did on day 3 and had lost 5lbs. Since then I have been on a minimal carb and high protein/fat diet and I've lost 8lbs in 10 days. I am almost certain I have lost so much because my body is still responding so well to the detox. My digestion system is working so much better, much more regular than ever before, and I feel so full of energy. During the program I developed an unbelievable awareness of my body....like how I'm actually feeling, want my body needs vs want my mind wants! It was hard to resist food the first day or two but it really opened my eyes to how much I eat mindlessly and how I just didn't consider the quality of food I was feeding my body with. This is exactly what I needed to raise essential awareness for better health, body and mind. I'm continuing to take most supplements, drinking more water, I've started doing tummy massages to aid the digestion process and taking more time to relax for myself. I feel more in control of my impulses! Thanks so much for the book. I have been looking into detoxing on and off for a few years but never had the confidence or the trust in a program to do one. I had a good feeling when I saw your book, as it was very accessible, easy to read and to follow. Thanks for making it available! And thank you for sharing your knowledge. It has definitely made a positive impact on mine and my boyfriends health and wellbeing!! Kate

After moving to Singapore in September, my partner and myself spent a good few months indulging in the typical good food and drink lifestyle with minimal exercise!
We usually eat pretty well (most of the time) and do regular exercise but wanted to get back into a healthier diet and lifestyle. I found Gavin’s gym online and my partner went to see him about a fitness and nutrition plan. He recommended his “Reboot your Bod” self-help detox and we downloaded. This was a great starting point to get us back on track and we were excited about giving it a go. I weighed myself prior to the detox, and again afterwards (on different scales) and the weight loss was 16lbs which is extremely impressive! I felt great, felt leaner and generally just much healthy. I have much more energy and barely ever feel tired or have headaches now. The detox was a brilliant kick-start and we are both now back on track with our healthy lifestyles which feels great. We would like to thank Gavin for sharing his detox and let him know how much of a difference it has made to us, we highly recommend trying it. THANK YOU! Craig

I came into the “R28” programme needing to significantly improve my BMI and after 28 days and 7kg lost I can categorically say Gavin's programme worked for me. Despite having to suppress certain food cravings for the 28 day program, I actually enjoyed the programme, particularly the exercises and never felt hungry once. For me, the key to the programme's success was the simplicity of the diet plan and the short/intensive workouts, which at 2x10mins a day, there's no excuse for not being able to fit into your day. Also key for me was Gavin's unique knowledge of both the gym programme work and his in depth knowledge of food and nutrition. I've never met anyone with his depth of knowledge on these subjects or with his practical ability to communicate it to the lay man. He beats any doctor or nutritional "expert" I've met. Gavin has taught us things in the programme that have definitely improved my general health and I'm now continuing into his “S42” programme to good effect. I'm well on track to lose 10kg in total in only 6 weeks! If you'd told me that a month ago I'd have said you were having a laugh!Alex

Gavin has taken me on an amazing journey. The "Metabolic Typing" programme is a guided discovery of which foods you thrive on and which best to avoid. Gavin's intimate knowledge of the nutritional and physical aspects of the programme make it fun and interesting. Gavin doesn't work with everyone and he expects that you're disciplined as he is. Gyms are great for everyday training but if you want a tailor-made, intense, no-nonsense training and/or nutrition programme that gets you REAL results he is the man to look for.Oliver

Gavin is one of the best in the business. When you want real results that come from practical and customized training, Gavin is the way to go. Not just your average personal trainer but someone who is interested in making life transformations. Having worked with him in person before I was skeptical if we could pull this off with online training. His specific training and diet protocol was simple to follow and specific for anyone to do. We reviewed our results each week and adjusted the diet and the training regime. So he was constantly finding ways to reach my targets. I'm really satisfied with what I achieved from our 6 x week conditioning program. I feel so much better, I have lost 3-4 inches of my waist and toned my midsection. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is committed to make some changes to their overall health, wellness & lifestyle.Marcel

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